Schacht Wolf Pup 810 Loom, 8 Shafts, 10 Treadles

The Schacht Wolf Pup 810 Loom

The Wolf Pup 810 Loom prototype will be debuting at Convergence in August of 2016. The Schacht Wolf Pup 810 Loom is a Wolf Pup / Baby Wolf hybrid! With 8 harnesses and 10 treadles and a weaving width of 18″, this compact loom weaves like the Baby Wolf with the size and portability of the Wolf Pup Loom.
I have been hoping that Schacht would make the Wolf Pup with 8 harnesses. It will be the perfect loom for taking to 4 or 8 shaft weaving workshops. I can’t wait to see it! I spoke to Jane Patrick at Schacht today. She told me that the Wolf Pup 810 Loom will look slightly different than the Baby Wolf Loom. The brake will be different and the legs will be somewhat different. The Wolf Pup 810 Loom is expected to start shipping in November or December of 2016. Contact us if you would like to reserve one. View it on our site here.
Photo is not available yet. We will post it as soon as one is available.