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Schacht Hi-lo Spindles. Spin High Whorl or Bottom Whorl. 3 weights

Schacht Hi-Lo Spindles 3 sizes - 20.95 ea

Schacht Hi-Lo Spindles 3 sizes - 20.95 ea
    Hand Spindles Schacht's popular drop spindles just got better. Schacht's new Hi-Lo Spindles offer the best of both whorls: a brass hook at the top for high-whorl spinning and a grooved shaft for low-whorl spinning. Three sizes offer a broad spectrum of spinning capabilities: 3" (2.2 ounces), 4" (3 ounces), and 2" (1.1 ounces). Select the size spindle that you would like to order above. The 4" spindle is suitable for spinning worsted yarns, the 3" for Medium weight yarns and the 2" for fine yarns. If you would like to put together a Learn to Spin Kit, add the book "Spin It" and some wool, both shown below.
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    2.2 oz. 3 in. Whorl - 20.95
    3 oz. - 4 in. Whorl - 20.95
    1.1 oz - 2 in. Whorl - 20.95