Bedazzled Scarf Pattern to Print

Bedazzled Scarf Pattern for Rigid Heddle Looms by Lois Scarbrough

Structure: Plain Weave
Equipment: Rigid Heddle loom 8 inches or wider, 8 dent rigid heddle reed, 1 stick shuttle
Can also be woven in plain weave on a multi shaft loom
The scarf above was woven on a Schacht 10 inches wide Cricket loom

Warp: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted Yarn - #161 Violet Fields (190 yd. skein)
Weft: 1 skein Alpine Meadow Yarns Novelty Boucle Yarn Bedazzled Rubies (75 yds.)

Warp Length:  95 inches including 30 inches of loom waste including the 21 in. for fringe
Warp Ends:  40
Width in Reed:  8 inches
Ends Per Inch  (the warp in the reed):  5
Picks per inch (in the weft):  approx. 5



Weaving Instructions: 
Use a 5 dent reed. Measure to center your 8 inch wide warp in your reed and warp 40 ends using the Lamb’s Pride “Violet Fields” Yarn.
Before you start to weave make sure to wind enough onto the beam for your 10.5 inches of fringe (it will be 8.5 in. after twisting the ends). Weave two rows of a contrasting yarn to hold the edge of the first rows in place.  
Weave 65.5 inches with the Bedazzled Rubies Sequined Yarn or until desired length, or until you run out of yarn. Make sure you have enough warp remaining for your fringe.
Weave 2 rows of a contrasting yarn to hold the last rows in place.

Finishing Instructions:
If you need the length for your 10.5 inches of fringe, untie the knots instead of cutting them before you remove the scarf from the loom. Remove all but one row of contrasting yarn on each end.
It is recommended that the ends be twisted. Trim ends to 10.5 inches. With a fringe twister attach 2 ends from each group of 4 threads to 2 clamps, trim ends to 10.5 inches and twist 25 turns in same direction for each group of threads (or whatever number of twists looks good to you) before tying the ends about an inch in from the end. Trim to even up if necessary.
Wash the scarf by hand in warm water with a small amount of laundry soap or dishwashing soap. Swish it around gently to full the cloth. This makes the weaving tighter, and it gets a little shorter and narrower. Do not overdo this. Rinse gently in the same temperature water. Dry flat on a towel or hang on a hanger that has a towel over it to absorb the water. Allow to dry.
Hold iron about an inch above the scarf so as not to damage the sequins or shrink the scarf too much. Allow scarf to dry over a dry towel on a hanger. Trim the ends of the fringe to even it up if necessary.
Fringe length after twisting:  8.5 inches on each end
Width off the loom:  7 5/8 inches (after washing 6 7/8 inches)
Finished Length:  62 inches after washing. Overall length including fringe:  79 inches.
Wear and enjoy your lovely new scarf!!!


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