The Schacht Zoom Loom – Portable Weaving!


The Schacht Zoom Loom is an improved version of the Pin Looms. It will weave a 4 inch square. The Zoom Loom is very portable and is quick and easy to weave on. The thoughtful design makes the Zoom Loom easy to grasp and the sloping sides guide the needle up the other side of the loom.There are plenty of fun projects for pin looms in the new book
Pin Loom Weaving by Margaret Stump

We also have fun Critter Kits by DJE Handwovens for various animals including a Sheep, Frog, Lion, Turtle, and Chameleon.

How-to Weave on the Zoom Loom video by Denise Renee Grace at Schacht Spindles is below.

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