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Design Collection 4 Outerwear *Free US Ship

Design Collection 4 Outerwear *Free US Ship
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Design Collection 4 Outerwear. *Out of Print. It's quite likely that your first handwoven garment fell into this category. It was probably a vest, shawl, or a simple loom-shaped jacket - and with good reason. These garments lend themselves well to heavy, bulky yarns which can be widely sett at 6, 8, or 10 e. p.i. and make for fast weaving projects. They're usually made of wool, which is readily available to new weavers - and so forgiving of those first not-so-even warps. The fact these garments require little construction made them an easy first choice - no cutting of that precious handwoven fabric required! We've included some of these sure, first-time projects (the more experieinced will enjoy these too!) like Ruth Fleitas' one-piece vest, Mary Skoy's nubby jacket, and our cold weather plaid shawl. You'll find fabrics and garments for the more experienced: rigid heddle weavers will be delighted with Betty Davenport's corduroy jacket or her cotton-chemile evening topper (4-shaft alternatives provided); Ardis Dobrovolny's bloero vest and Jean Scorgie's windowpane jacket will interest those like a more tailored look. Feel free to change and adapt our designs to complement your personal coloring and wardrobe. If you've never tried handwoven clothing, I hope these designs will be the spark that gets you started. I'm sure you'll enjoy the weaving - and the wearing! Jane Patrick editor. Originally published in 1982 at 3.50 now 12.95 - *FREE Ship

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