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Strauch Finest Drum Carder with Brush Attachment, Teasing Tool, Doffer Brush, Cleaning Brush and Knuckle Saving Batt Picker. *Free Shipping

Strauch's Finest Drum Carder - SALE - 895.00 to 1,195.00

Strauch's Finest Drum Carder - SALE - 895.00 to 1,195.00
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Strauch Finest model 405 Drum Carder - HOLIDAY SALE *Free Shipping. Strauch Finest Drum Carders have extra fine (128 psi) cloth on large drum, slicker licker on small drum. Works on all fibers. Ash Wood Frame with a warm honey-oak finish. Strauch calls it their Blending Champion because of its 5 to 1 ratio. Having a chain as the drive mechanism provides a constant positive non-slipping action while carding and is far superior to belt drives. Comes with knuckle saving batt picker, brush attachment, clamps, cleaning brush and teasing tool.

It has a 7 inch diameter x 7-3/4 in. wide working drum and a 2 in. diameter x 8 in. wide licker drum producing a batt approximately 7 in. wide x 22 in. long. The overall length of the machine is 24 inches and 11-1/2 inches wide with a 6 inch high frame. An important feature: Since the swing of the handle clears the table surface, the carder can be placed anywhere on the work surface.

This unit is equipped with the #05 (128 psi) card cloth and Slicker-Licker (SL). The 6 inch high frame permits a larger sprocket on the small drum. This makes a 5:1 ratio between the drums, which allows more carding action per revolution. This 5:1 ratio allows for minimal turning of the large drum to produce an excellent, well blended batt; 2-3 passes are sufficient.

Special tools included with each Strauch Finest Carder are:
The popular Knuckle-Saving-Batt-Pick, an invaluable tool for removing the batt without damage to the equipment or the user.
Doffer/Cleaner Brush to thoroughly and easily clean any residual fibers from the carding drum.
A small cleaner/dabber brush for use on the licker drum.
The new Teasing Tool to open locks and tease fiber prior to carding.

Table clamps to secure the carder to the work surface.

Pictured above is the doublewide version. On previous page is the singlewide version. Both come with the tools pictured above.
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Strauch Finest Drum Carder - 895.00
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