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Strauch Doffer Brush

Strauch Doffer Brush - 19.95

Strauch Doffer Brush - 19.95
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Strauch Doffer Brush comes with all Strauch Drum Carders. The Doffer/Cleaner brush is used to clean the large drum after you have removed the batt. It looks similar to a "Flicker" but with different points. Our Doffers are 2" wide and 4-1/2" long. The pads have 1/2" long points spaced 72 per square inch. Use the center portion of the Doffer brush to contact the curve of the large drum. Starting at the seam, swipe the Doffer brush down the drum in the same direction as the teeth on the drum. Continue across the width of the drum. Slowly rotate the drum backwards as you use the brush to clean the entire drum.
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