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Strauch 200 Series Drum Carders - made in USA. Top Quality!

Strauch 200 Series Drum Carders -SALE - 755.00 to 1,060.00 - *Free Ship

Strauch 200 Series Drum Carders -SALE - 755.00 to 1,060.00 - *Free Ship

    STRAUCH Standard or Double Wide Chain Driven Drum Carders *Free Shipping 

    The Strauch 200 series hand crank bench carders have a chain drive that prevents slipping while carding. Slicker-licker cloth on all Strauch small drums helps to feed the fibers onto the big drum without getting fibers caught in the small drum.

    The take up roller is 2 in. diameter x 8 in. wide. The carding drum is 7 in. diameter x by 8 in. wide and produces a batt approximately 7 in. wide by 22 in. long. Overall size of the unit is 12 in. wide x 24 in. long.

    Model 202 - Regular Cloth with 72 psi
    Model 203 - Fine Cloth with 98 psi
    Model 205 – Extra Fine Cloth with 128 psi
    DOUBLE WIDE models 202, 203, 205 are also available

    Included items: Brush Attachment, operating instructions, knuckle-saving batt picker, doffer brush and a written lifetime guarantee are included with each machine. All wood items are sealed with tung oil and can be finished. Shipping weight 24-25 lbs.

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