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Harrisville tool tray for Harrisville loom castles from Bountiful.

Harrisville Tool Tray for Loom Castle - 80.00 and up

Harrisville Tool Tray for Loom Castle - 80.00 and up
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Tool Trays for Harrisville Looms One of the trademarks of the Harrisville Designs looms is our high castles. Our tool trays take advantage of this design and create a convenient storage space where it is needed most. Sizes run 22" - 50". Extra shuttles, bobbins, and reed hooks can be stored in front of and directly above the weaving area. The shallow depth of the trays prevent tools from being out of sight. Made from the same hardwood as the looms, the tool trays become a practical and attractive addition. They come completely assembled and in various sizes to fit the different looms we make. Unfinished, Assembled.
This is a special order item unless ordered with a loom. If ordered with a loom, we will refund the shipping charge because it can ship with the loom.
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