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Emilia folding 13.5" or 19" Rigid Heddle Loom. Easy to weave on! Great Loom from Bountiful.

Emilia 13.5 in. or 19 in. Folding Rigid Heddle Loom

Emilia 13.5 in. or 19 in. Folding Rigid Heddle Loom
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The Emilia Folding Rigid Heddle Loom The Emilia is a portable, folding rigid heddle loom that weaves 13.5 or 19 inches wide. Rigid heddle looms are a good easy way to learn to weave. This incredible new loom is made of birch, is lightweight and folds for portability. It includes your choice of an 8, 10 or 12 dent rigid heddle reed, stick shuttle, warping peg, one clamp w/ 13.5" loom and two clamps with 19" loom, sley hook and a threader. The heddle is held by brackets, so it is secure for easier weaving and will not topple over when you are weaving. The ingenius locking of the loom frame provides a tensioning device which always gives you even tension on your warp. Sturdy metal ratchets, with many teeth give you the tension you need. With the written instructions, you can be weaving in a short time. Instructions for assembly and weaving your first project are included. We include one skein of Borgs "Tuna" yarn to make your first scarf.
Regarding the reed size, wrap your yarns around a 1 inch section of a ruler and have the yarns touching but not jammed together. Then you count the number of wraps of yarn in that 1� section and divide by 2 to get the approximate size reed needed for a balanced weave.
There is an optional stand for the Emelia. See related products below to order the stand. There is also an optional double heddle kit. See related products below. A carry bag is another option available below.

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