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Greensleeves Loki Spindle 40.00 - SALE 34.95

Greensleeves Loki Spindle 40.00 - SALE 34.95
    LOKI weighs approximately .8 to 1.5 oz. , 1.5 in. - 2.25 in. Whorl, 8 in.- 9 in. Shaft Greensleeves Spindles are made by Elizabeth & Bart Dailey. She has been a drop spindler since she was thirteen years old. Elizabeth is a wood turner with an engineering background. Their spindles are absolutely incredible!!!!!! They are beautifully made from gorgeous hardwoods & the best part is that they spin like a dream! Elizabeth feels that the "tweak" on the hook is critical. If it is off even a millimeter it will affect the spin. She spends about 10 minutes on each spindle tweaking the hook for a perfect spin. Greensleeves Spindles are available in many wood combinations including Bloodwood, Bois de Rose, Purpleheart, Pomelle Bubinga, Kingwood, Canarywood, Osage Orange, Chechem, Birds Eye Maple, Paduk, Sepele, Walnut, Cherry. and Burls when available.
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    Greensleeves Loki # 407 - Purpleheart on Walnut - 2 x 9 in - 1.2 oz (33 gr)