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Beautiful Jensen Saxony Spinning Wheel available in 24 inch or 30 inch models with flyer on left or right in Cherry.

Jensen Cherry D-24 or D-30 Production Wheel *Price includes shipping

Jensen Cherry  D-24 or D-30 Production Wheel *Price includes shipping
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Jensen wheels are made of solid Cherry, handcrafted by Jerry Jensen in Wisconsin, and are signed and dated. Wheel comes with 3 whorls, 3 bobbins (approx. 6 oz. capacity), Simple Brass Threading Hook, and flax distaff (not pictured). Half Spokes shown above are available as an option. No extra charge for Mirror Image Model with flyer on right.

Wheels are UNFINISHED Cherry

RATIOS FOR THE D-30 (Ratios are approximate -whorls are handturned)
Standard Ratios are 10:1, 12:1, 13.3:1, 15:1, 17:1.
*Jensen ratios are determined by dividing the diameter of the whorl into wheel diameter. This method is described in Paula Simmons Spinning and Weaving with Wool.
EVERY Jensen item is entirely made by Mr. Jensen. Any additional bobbins and whorls are also made by Mr. Jensen and are genuine Jensen parts. (We do not sell any third party Jensen items)
Additionally, We send you our instructions for finishing a Jensen wheel plus our Spinner's Catalog with fiber samples.

We do not offer free shipping on Jensen Wheels - the 100.00 shipping cost is included in the pricing.

OPTIONAL Accessories available to purchase separately. (Can be shipped in with your wheel)
Decorative 1/2 Spokes (must be ordered with wheel if desired)
High Speed Kit includes (2 whorls plus 3 High Speed Bobbins) Ratios: Whorl #4= 18.7:1 & 23:1, Whorl #5= 24:1 & 27:1
Ultra High Speed Whorl #6 Ratios are 30:1, 40:1 (Scotch Tension Only)
Slow Whorl#0: ratio is 7:1
3 or 4-Bobbin Lazy Kate
Additional Regular or High Speed Bobbins
Scotch Tension pegs (1 comes with wheel) We do not offer free shipping on Jensen Wheels. The 100.00 *shipping charge is included in the price for *shipping within the 48 contiguous states.
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Price: $1,600.00
Shipping Weight: 25.00 pounds
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