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Louet Fatcore Bobbin - Used - 44.95

Louet Fatcore Bobbin - Used - 44.95
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The Louet fatcore bobbin was designed to make it easier to spin finer yarns, by introducing the same higher ratios as the high speed bobbin, but also adding a thicker center core to simulate a half full bobbin. This helps allow the wheel to not pull in as quickly, assisting in spinning a finer yarn. Its ratios are: 6.5:1, 9.5:1 and 15:1 The fatcore bobbin will fit on all current and discontinued Louet wheels EXCEPT: S40, S45, Victoria, S87, S90.
Retail for a new Fatcore Bobbin is 64.00 - We have 3 used Fatcore Bobbins that only were used to spin one project. 2 have the wood cores and 1 has theclear plastic fat core as shown in the photo.
There is a similair Fatcore bobbin available specifically for the S90 wheel by special order. Inquire.

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