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Majacraft Wild Flyer Kit for Little Gem wheel

Majacraft Wild Flyer Kit for Little Gem

Majacraft Wild Flyer Kit for Little Gem
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The Majacraft Wild Flyer Set for the little Gem includes the Wild Flyer plus one large bobbin and a special scotch tension knob to ensure there is plenty of clearance between the flyer and brake adjustment. The Wild Flyer will fit on any Majacraft wheel. The heart of the flyer has two ceramic inserts to guide the unspun fibre through to the sliding flyer hook. The result is a very smooth flow with no dragging action as the fiber passes through. This is perfect for bulky or creative yarns, even large enough to allow buttons or whatever to be spun into your yarn. The flyer is balanced for vibration free spinning. Want to spin some wild bulky yarns? This new innovation from Majacraft will help you spin in ways you never thought possible. Spinners who have tried this flyer are delighted with the results - the new trend in creative spinning wild flyer is a large diameter flyer built to work with the huge plying bobbin capable of spinning the new generation of creative fibers.Huge 23mm diameter ceramic eyelets are among the largest available. They are super hard-wearing and will allow even the lumpiest novelty yarn to flow like silk. There is a different kit for Majacraft's other wheels.

Majacraft has designed flyers for every purpose we could think of. From lace to regular to bulky spinning, you are sure to find just what you need. Our flyers are universal and will fit on all Majacraft wheels.

Much of our innovation is in our flyers. Ceramic guides in our lace, fine and Wild Flyers are super hard wearing and the low friction coefficient makes the yarn slide effortlessly. We use hard wearing stainless steel yarn guides and fibre glass flyer arms. The lightweight and scratch resistant flyer arms are easier to spin with than ever before. All of our flyers are balanced by hand to ensure they provide smooth and vibration free operation.

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