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Strauch Table Swift / Skeinwinder SALE - 168.00 and up

Strauch Table Swift / Skeinwinder  SALE - 168.00 and up
    The Table Swift / Skeinwinder
    Available with 2 yd skein circumference (27 inches tall) or mini size with 1 yd skein circumference (19inches tall).
    The Strauch Table Swift / Skeinwinder uses the same umbrella section as is used on the floor model. Simply screw it intothe table base, attach the table clamp and you're ready to work.
    from table surface to top of knob. A suggestion: to more easily use as a skeinwinder,mount it on a shorter table so the top crank is more accessible.
    Collapsible. Unscrew top knob and fold arms together for easy storage.
    Convertible. Screws into floor base
    (sold separately) to make a floor Swift.Portable: Unscrew top knob, fold armsand unscrew from base for easy transport.Top knob and Teflon ring storeon the table base so they won'tget lost during transport or storage.
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    Choose Wood Desired:
    Oak - Natural (2 yd.) - 215.00
    Cherry (2 yd.) - 235.00
    Maple (2 yd.) - 220.00
    Walnut (2 yd.) - 259.00
    Mini Oak (1 yd.) - 168.00
    Mini Cherry (1 yd.) - 184.00
    Mini Maple (1 yd.) - 174.00
    Mini Walnut (1 yd.) - 206.00