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Bedazzling Scarf Kit in Twilight Colorway

Bedazzling Scarf Kit in Twilight Colorway
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This scarf pattern plays with a combination of block weaves and color changes.  Colors and blocks change at different points, and this shift increases the visual complexity of the hand woven fabrics!

The 8 harness version uses twill blocks, and the 4 harness version uses twill combinations.  Both the 4 and 8 harness patterns are equally beautiful.  Try them both sometime!

This scarf has a great feel to it because we sett the 10/2 mercerized cotton at 20 epi.  This allows the yarns to stay soft and supple in the finished product.  If you add beads to the fringe as you ply them, these scarves become truly dazzling.

Threaded 2 per dent in a 10 dent reed. Woven at 20 ppi. 9" wide in the reed.  Makes 2 scarves approx. 8 in x 72 inches.

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