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La Petite Scarf Kit

La Petite Scarf Kit
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La Petite scarf for rigid heddle and 2-shaft looms featuring Sincere Sheep Luminous (Polwarth/Tussah silk blend) yarn hand-dyed with natural dyes.
A little scarf. A little pattern. A little built in clasp to keep everying in place. This petite scarf dleivers with a pick-up lace pattern.
Colors: Hathor's Gem - dyed with Saxon Blue, Himalayan Rhubarb & Myrobalan
Winter's Night: dyed with tannin and iron
Kung Hei Fat Choi: dyed with madder and cochineal
Finished size: 40 inches long x 7.5 inches wide.

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La Petite Scarf Kit in Hathor's Gem

La Petite Scarf Kit in Winter's Night

La Petite Scarf Kit in Kung Hei Fat Choi