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Majacraft Wave Shuttle - SALE 22.50

Majacraft Wave Shuttle - SALE 22.50
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The wave shuttle is yet another innovative product from Majacraft. 29.95 retail - SALE 22.50. It is used in a similar fashion to a stick shuttle however it has a series of three waves on one edge and five on the other. As you weave, instead of using the heddle as a beater, the edges of the wave shuttle can beat down your warp to create unique patterns in your cloth.
It is 19.5 inches long and is laser cut from 1/4 inch thick bamboo plywood that is both light and very strong. The throat of the shuttle is large so plenty of yarn can be wound on to the shuttle.

NOTE: Video below shows how the Majacraft Wave shuttle allows you to make lovely undulating shapes and open weave designs in your weaving. The combination shuttle and beater makes your weaving efficient and easy!

NOTE: The Wave shuttle was designed for artistic wall hangings. If used to weave cloth that will be washed, the waves will go straight when fabric is washed.

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