Kaitlin’s Jazzy Scarf Rigid Heddle Pattern and Kit from Bountiful

I am pleased to share our granddaughter Kaitlin’s Jazzy Scarf Pattern and Kit with you.

I taught her to weave on a Schacht Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom when she was 8 years old. She designed and wove 2 scarves that summer, one was entered in the I Made it on my Schacht contest.

When she was eleven, she designed and wove this fashionable Jazzy Scarf. I took her to the warehouse, set three big bins of Brown Sheep Naturespun yarns in front of her and turned my back. I did not want to influence her color choice in any way. I was surprised to see that she chose Red, Black and White. She knew exactly what she wanted to do with the colors. I insisted that we make a small sample to make sure. Her weaving plan worked out just right! She has great color and fashion sense. I love seeing what she comes up with when weaving!