Weaving on the Schacht Inkle Loom

Ever wanted to learn how to weave? The Inkle Loom is a simple and inexpensive loom for weaving bands, and is easy to learn how to use. Weaving on the Schacht Inkle Loom Video above is by Jane Patrick of Schacht Spindle Company and shows how to set up the Schacht Inkle Loom and get started weaving your first band.

2 thoughts on “Weaving on the Schacht Inkle Loom

  1. Oooh I love it! I’ve always wanetd to have ago at proper weaving….have managed little projects using wool wound round a card for the loom! I love wall hangings like yours….can’t wait to see the end result.HugsKaren x x x

    1. Hello, Sorry I missed seeing your comment! The Rigid Heddle looms like the Flip loom are so quick to warp up and so forgiving of the stretch-iness of knitting yarns! I love weaving quick projects and sampling on my Flip and Cricket looms! Happy Weaving!

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