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Ashford Drum Carder Full Size Fine Teeth

Ashford Drum Carder - SALE - 615.00 to 630.00 *Free Ship

Ashford Drum Carder - SALE - 615.00 to 630.00  *Free Ship
    ASHFORD FULL SIZE DRUMCARDER - New 2 Speed Model with Packer Brush and Cleaning Brush Specifications: This new, improved model has two ratios for even more flexibility and control when carding and blending: Use the 6:1 ratio to prepare your fleece. The controlled intake and carding will produce a smooth even batt ready for blending, spinning or felting. Use the 4:1 ratio to blend sliver, colors and different fibre types consistently into an open and airy batt. The new carder retains the adjustable drum clearance - allows you to set the teeth distance for total control of your fiber. All nylon bearings ensure it is light and easy to turn. The card cloth has wire teeth with a special protective coating and a flexible rubber backing for long life. The carder is strong and robust with the body made from Silver Beech hardwood. The carder has rubber feet to prevent it slipping. Card an approximately 1.75 oz batt quickly and efficiently. It comes assembled and lacquered ready to use. Awl/doffer, 2 clamps and carding instructions are included. Batt size 22 in. x 9 in.- Weight only 11 lb Available in: Coarse - 36 points per square inch Fine 72 point for finer wools & exotic fibers Ideas for Use Card fleece into large approx. 1.75 oz batts. Blend colors - natural blacks with dyed blue looks stunning! Blend different fibers - wool and mohair, wool and silk - experiment! Fleeces with a break and short edge pieces from a fleece card well together to make a batt for felting or a sliver for worsted spinning. Hints It's kinder on the machine to wash fleece before carding. If in constant use, the machine needs regular oiling.
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