Bountiful Spinning and Weaving Customer Feedback Page

Hi Lois, Thank you for your note. I did receive the email shipment notification as well.
I first purchased a Cricket Loom stand and a few other items from you about a year or so ago when we lived in Santa Fe, NM. We moved to Tucson, AZ this summer, and I don’t know if my record shows that past history, but I have enjoyed everything I’ve received from your shop.
I’m looking forward to receiving the looms I’ve recently ordered; my four grandchildren (ages 5-13) will be visiting soon and I thought they would enjoy working on the potholder looms and making gifts for their parents and friends!
I appreciate your thoughtful note and I'm thankful for you and your wonderful company!
Hope you are enjoying the fall; I used to live in Colorado and I know how beautiful it is with the trees changing color and the weather turning cooler.


Hello, Lois, The Rakestraw spinner arrived today and it is lovely. This order was for an "as is" spinner; the chip on the paddle was so tiny that I initially didn't even see it, and certainly it is too small to affect performance. I was not expecting the sweet velvet bag and full-color printed instructions. Your customer service on this order has been outstanding, and the care with which the spinner was packed was impressive.
I believe that this was my first order with you, but it won't be the last.
Thank you again,


Hi Lois,

My Ladybug arrived today (and the Lazy Kate on Saturday) - I am delighted with how quickly everything was shipped and arrived.
Living in Colorado, I was very happy to be able to order a Colorado-made wheel from a Colorado store, and the quick service was fabulous icing on the cake.
I'm also very tickled with the fiber samples included in the packet. I'm new to spinning, so being able to touch different types of fibers without having to travel to a fiber event is a huge help.

thank you!
--- Bobbi


Good afternoon Lois,

I can not even tell you how thrilled I am with your service!!  I received my flyer today, and I only wish I had purchased my wheel from you, too!  Thanks so very much, and I hope you have a great weekend.

Best Regards,




Thank you so much for your expert advice and for getting my "goodies" shipped today!!! I appreciate you substituting the pick up stick. It just further shows your dedication to your customers!!!
I can't wait to get started with my weaving projects. I look forward to dealing with you in the future!

Sincerely, Susan

----------her 2nd email below----

Hi Lois,
I've been meaning to email you but the weaving has taken control of me..ha ha
I wanted to thank you again for getting me everything I needed to get started right away!!! It is definitely a learning experience for a total newbie like myself but I think it will just be amatter of trial and error.
My mind is going a mile a minute and now I have come across something else on your websitethat I find very interesting...the Schacht Incredible Rope Machine. When you have a minute I would like to get your thoughts on it. I'm thinking that I might be able to incorporate the "ropes" to the sides of my belts/purses etc. Perhaps making them "appear" even more finished???
Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you whenever you get the chance.
Thanks again, Susan

P.S. Please feel free to post any of my comments on your feedback page. Everyone needs to know how knowledgeable/helpful/insightful you are!!!!!!!

Hi, Lois -

I saw on your site you have a place for customer comments. I'd like to add mine for you to use if you like.

"Lois has been a true gem handling my orders and answering my questions. I'm so happy I decided to buy by Sidekick and accessories from Bountiful. She is so professional and kind, always with great communication and going the extra mile."

I'm so excited about getting my order soon. I've named my wheel Gwyrddrhod, which means Green Wheel in Welsh.

So many thanks!


Lois and Bud -

I just can't tell you how happy I am about the transactions we completed when I bought my loom, and then again later when I bought my spinning wheel.

First, I shopped my very best prices here and you beat them. With the savings in local taxes and shipping I saved hundreds on the loom alone. Then, you sent me email telling me that there was a special from the manufacturer and you REBATED an additional $140. You could have kept that money and I would have never been the wiser, but you passed the savings on to me! Thanks for being so HONEST.

And I get fussy! I wanted my Majacraft Rose to be customized. You got my answer back from the company in a matter of HOURS instead of days. I can have the wheel exactly the way I want it and they will ship it next week.

Can it possibly get any better than all of this? Yes! You are FRIENDLY and PATIENT and downright kind-hearted to deal with! It's been a real pleasure, Lois and Bud, and if you EVER have a customer wondering about placing an order with you then just send them my way. I know I am going to send all MY friends your way.


Ocean Ripich

Dear Lois,

Just saw your emails on my computer from last year when I bought my spinning wheel. You recommended that I go with the double treadle to prevent future hip problems...You were sooooo right. I can spin for a long time without fatigue on this wheel. I finally went for a lesson with a local spinner after spinning on my own for about 8 months... it really made a difference. I love spinning and will continue to take classes to perfect my skills on the wheel.

I love the Schacht spinning wheel. It is such a delight to spin on. I keep it in my living room like a piece of fine furniture! I can't thank you enough for your help in choosing the right wheel.

If you ever decide to come to Washington State for a visit, please call. I'd love to meet you and even have you stay with us, if we are near your destination.

Hope you are well and happy! Take care!



Lois, hi! Well, you certainly win the award for fast service! I just got home

from work to find your package waiting. Thanks so much -- the spindle looks

super; can't wait to go try it out! It is lighter in weight than the one that

I've been using and looks like just the ticket. I also can't wait to delve

into the book -- I suspect that this type of loom will do the trick quite

nicely until things settle down and I can upgrade.

I also appreciate the catalog information and the little fiber sample to whet

my appetite!

Thanks for all your help -- I'll be in touch with you again soon!



And a *huge* thank you for accommodating my whines and whimpes to get it out in yesterday's mail. I really appreciate it.

You are a gem of a businesswoman. I wish we could clone you and pass you around. :)


Thank you for your excellent customer service if every one treated each other this way we would be living in a better world.
God Bless you!


How speedy can you get?

Thank you ,thank you. Gorgeous stuff. ANd it came in time to go off to CA with me on Tues!

I couldn't resist spinning the samples, and a bit of the Alpine Meadow Autumn Hillside.. Really nice!

Black Lake -- I think I'd like to have 2 lbs of that, please.

Thanks again!


Hi Lois, Sorry I couldn't respond to you in time. You made the right decision. I received my books yesterday, Thursday.I have to tell you, I was always hesitant about ordering anything mail order, just for the fact you don't really know what you are ordering (unless seeing elsewhere) and you don't know about how long it will take to receive it and what condition it will be in. I don't like hassles of returning things, especially thru the mail.

But I have to say, you did an excellent job on getting it out fast and it was packed very well. I appreciate you taking the time to wrap the books separately so that they would not get bent. So Lois, you have won my confidence, A+ for you!

Well, hubby has completed my Jensen D-30 and we put it together last night. Wow, is it wonderful! I can't believe the size next to my Tina II. My hubby was wondering where I was going to put the new wheel. He kept saying in the back room and bring it out as I need it. Yeah Right, of course I rearranged the furniture to make them both fit where I sit all the time.

Also, I always knew cherry wood darken with age, that's why we went with just a clear finish. However, it is just amazing how much darker my Tina II is for just a few years of having my southern light exposure.

Thanks againLois for helping me make the right decision with what wheel to purchase.

One day, we will have to talk about my first loom and what to look for in that!

Take it easy,


Hi Lois,

Yes, you may use my letter on your site. I'm sure there are a lot more hesitant people like me and maybe my comments might help put their thoughts at ease. Now that I have bought from you, I would not think twice about ordering again from you. I'm in customer service myself, and trust me, we customer service reps. notice everything because we are constantly doing our best to please our customers.

Well back to Spinning! Take it easy,


Hi, Lois - 

I saw on your site you have a place for customer comments.  I'd like to add mine for you to use if you like.  

"Lois has been a true gem handling my orders and answering my questions.  I'm so happy I decided to buy by Sidekick and accessories from Bountiful.  She is so professional and kind, always with great communication and going the extra mile."

I'm so excited about getting my order soon.  I've named my wheel Gwyrddrhod, which means Green Wheel in Welsh.  

So many thanks!


Hi Lois,

I received the package today and everything was great.  I am so empressed
with the speed of delivery and accuracy of the order (I have had some real
nightmares with ordering online). 

I thank you so very much to going that extra step to get things out so quickly.
The invoice was with the package, so I'm all set with my paperwork.

I'm looking forward to receiving the ladybuy bag, I can not imagine what it
will look like and I know my daughter will be delighted.

Thank you again,

Her second email ----

Hi Lois,

I would be happy to have you post it, please do.  I will also list you on Angie's list, if you don't mind.
I mentioned your great service and lovely personality at a meeting today and a few of the ladies there
asked me to forward your site - I have done that already.

I am so happy I found your site, take care,

Thank you so much for sending out my new wheel. I'm am ridiculously excited to receive it. You were wonderful to work with. I'll definitely be a repeat customer. I won't hesitate to recommend you to my fiber friends. Thanks again.

Hi Lois,

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and thanks for all the help you gave me this year with upgrading my Mighty Wolf to eight harness!!

Always enjoy doing business with you,

take care, Carol

HI, Lois,

The invoice looks fine.  Thank you so much for calling and fixing all my goofs.  Not every business nor customer service rep is as caring and proactive toward its customers as you are.  I'm sure you hear this all the time from customers, so add my thanks to theirs!  You are amazing!

Helen A.

Hi, Lois—

The beautiful Mjolinor arrived just now. So fast! And it's so beautiful and light! Thank you for your splendid service. I'm so glad you carry Elizabeth's spindles. I'll be buying more from you.

Have a wonderful weekend—



My husband and daughter want to play with my wheel when it gets here so I think I probably should get the slow whirl. We are all so excited about getting it!

Thanks for all of your help! You just cannot even imagine how many people act like Alaska is another planet and won't even do business with residents! I will be sure to pass on your info if I come across anybody else interested in spinning!


Hi Lois,
I ordered a set of Viking wool combs on Friday Aug. 17.  They arrived today, Monday, Aug 20.  I want to thank you for the excellent service from Bountiful.  I didn't expect them to arrive for at least a week since I live in upstate (1 hour from Kingston, Ontario, Canada) New York.

The combs will be used on my first fleece.  The directions you sent are clear and easy to follow which makes me confident that I will be able to get good roving from the fleece.

Thank you very much.
Brenda V

Hi Lois,

Thank you for shipping this out so quickly (and for having it in stock).  The UPS tracking shows it should arrive Monday.  I'll let you know when it arrives.

Thanks for being so easy to do business with,
Alana M

Lois, Thanks so much.  I feel like I have known you for years, even though I have never met you.  I hope your holidays will bring you joy and happiness to such a deserving person.  Warmest Regards, Linda

 Hi Lois,

Just wanted to let you know that your package arrived yesterday and the parcel from Schacht arrived today and Tracy couldn't be more pleased.  Everything is fantastic and she can't wait to get started with here weaving.  I also wanted to thank you for the barrel nuts.  It was awfully nice of you to ship them.  All of your assistance was invaluable.  We really appreciate everything you did.


Jeff and Tracy

Dear Lois from Bountiful!!!!

My daughter is in heaven with her new Schacht wheel.  It was the best purchase ever!!  She has been going through difficult personal struggles, and the spinning wheel is just what she needed to give her positive energy and hope for better things to come.  Just spinning the fiber of the animals she cares for daily, and seeing the fiber turn into yarn is such a tremendous joy for her.  Thank you so very much for giving us the best deal on such a fine piece of spinning equipment, and for getting it to us so very quickly!!  You went the extra "length of skein" for us and we so appreciate it.  We will be back for the Schacht loom in the coming year or two.

Yours truly,

(I removed her name because this was a rather personal one - spinning is such great therapy, so relaxing, I'm happy to hear that Spinning was such a good thing for her daughter.)

Hi Lois,
My new loom arrived yesterday, right on schedule and in good shape.  I
love her and can't wait to work with her.   She will be known as Lois.
Thank you for all your help and for being so pleasant to work with.