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autumn-scarf-2-reversed-closeupClose-up of Autumn Scarf 2

Autumn Scarf #2

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Structure: Twill

Equipment: 4 Shaft Loom 8 in. or wider, 8 dent reed, 1 stick or boat shuttle

The scarf above was woven on a Schacht 26 in. wide Baby Wolf Loom


Warp: Alpine Meadow Autumn Russets Worsted Yarn and Autumn Worsted Yarn (1 skein of each)

Weft: Alpine Meadow Autumn Russets Worsted Yarn (1 skein)

Warp Length: 102 inches including 26 in. of loom waste. Please note your fringe will be taken from the loom waste.

Warp Ends: 64

Width in Reed: 8"

Ends Per Inch (the warp in the reed) = 8

Picks per inch (in the weft) :  approx. 8

Woven Length on loom: 66.5 inches

Finished Length: including fringe = 76.5 inches overall

Fringe length: 5" on each end

Requires: 3 skeins Autumn Russets and 1 skein Autumn Alpine Meadow Worsted Yarn (100 yd per skein)

Pattern: Broken 1/3 Twill sometimes called Mock Sateen from The Handweaver's Pattern Directory by Anne Dixon (pg. 36).


WEAVING INSTRUCTIONS:                                         

Weave 4 picks of plain weave.

*Hemstitch if you are hemstitching your scarf.

Weave  64 inches of twill pattern.

Weave 4 picks of plain weave

*Hemstitch if you are hemstitching your scarf.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hemstitching on both ends is optional. If hemstitched, it is not necessary to knot the fringe.

If you are hemstitching the ends, leave a 30" tail of yarn on the left side of the first row if you are right handed (on the right side if you are left handed). Do the hemstitching at the beginning of the scarf after you have woven a couple of inches and do the hemstitching at the end of the scarf before you remove the scarf from the loom.

For this scarf, the hemstitching was done around 4 threads and the needles alternately went up 2 threads and then 3 threads to avoid making a gap across the scarf.

Instructions for hemstitching can be found in Jane Patrick's book entitled "The Weaver's Idea Book: Creative Cloth on a Rigid Heddle Loom". We keep this book in stock and highly recommend it as well as her rigid heddle weaving DVDs. Online hemstitching instructions can also be found here:

Width on the loom: 8 inches

Width off the loom: 7 inches (after washing 6 7/8 inches)

Finished Length:  66.5 inches after washing.  Overall with fringe 76.5 inches.



Remove the scarf from the loom. If it has not been hemstitched, tie overhand knots in the fringe on both ends of the scarf in bundles of 4 threads. Trim the fringe to length desired. Scarf above has 5" fringe.

Wash the scarf by hand in warm water with a small amount of laundry soap or dishwashing soap. Swish it around gently to full the cloth. This makes the weaving tighter, and it gets a little shorter and narrower. Do not overdo this. Rinse gently in the same temperature water. Dry flat on a towel or hang on a hanger that has a towel over it to absorb the water.

Steam press lightly on low temperature so as not to shrink the scarf. Allow it to dry after steaming. Trim the fringe to even it up if necessary.

Wear and enjoy your lovely new scarf!!!

Purchase Autumn #2 Scarf Kit

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