Kaitlin’s Jazzy Scarf Rigid Heddle Pattern and Kit from Bountiful

I am pleased to share our granddaughter Kaitlin’s Jazzy Scarf Pattern and Kit with you.

I taught her to weave on a Schacht Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom when she was 8 years old. She designed and wove 2 scarves that summer, one was entered in the I Made it on my Schacht contest.

When she was eleven, she designed and wove this fashionable Jazzy Scarf. I took her to the warehouse, set three big bins of Brown Sheep Naturespun yarns in front of her and turned my back. I did not want to influence her color choice in any way. I was surprised to see that she chose Red, Black and White. She knew exactly what she wanted to do with the colors. I insisted that we make a small sample to make sure. Her weaving plan worked out just right! She has great color and fashion sense. I love seeing what she comes up with when weaving!

sea meets sky scarf pattern or kit

Sea Meets Sky Scarf Pattern by new weaver Jane Tigar

Sea Meets Sky Scarf Pattern for Rigid Heddle designed and woven by Jane Tigar, a brand new weaver! Jane fell in love with weaving while making a small perle cotton table runner during 4 – 2 hour backstrap weaving sessions. She decided to get a Rigid Heddle Loom. Jane called and we talked about what she wanted to weave and we compared the features of the Schacht Cricket Loom and the Schacht Flip Loom. Based on what and where she wanted to weave, she decided upon the Schacht 15 inch Cricket loom. We sent it right out to her along with some of our soft sparkly wool Alpine Meadow Yarns and some Nature Spun Worsted Yarns. Like most of us, she also has a stash of knitting yarns.

She emailed me a photo of her first scarf a couple of days after she got her Cricket Loom. Then photos of her next 3 scarves quickly followed. I was impressed with her eye for color, her creativity and her enthusiasm for the craft of weaving. She named her scarf Sea meets Sky because of the soft blues and greens in the Alpine Meadow Yarns she wove it with. Jane’s pattern is available to print here Sea Meets Sky Scarf Pattern by Jane Tigar.
She did some research on the name she gave her scarf and found something similar in the history of Pamlico County, North Carolina where she lives. Pamlico County was first settled by the Europeans in the early 1700’s. The Pampticoe, a Native American people who lived in what is now called Pamlico County called the area TaTaku which means where the land and the sea meet the sky. The Pamlico County slogan is: Where the land and the sea meet sky.