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Hiya Lois,

I just looked at the photos. What an ingeniousdevice--I can't wait. I'd like the Plain Lizzy Kate in cherry AND a Queen's Cup in Bloodwood, any weight. I can't emphasise enough how glad I am to have stumbled upon you guys and how glad I am that you have these phenomenal spindles! 



Dear Lois,

It occurs to me that the Lizzie Kate won't do me any good unless I order another Lady Barbara spindle too! I can tell that for the foreseeable future it's the only one that I'm going to spin fast enough on to actually produce yarn -- and of course I'll need a second spindle to have anything to ply. So if it isn't too much trouble, could you add another Lady Barbara and crown to the order for the Lizzie Kate.

I'm really impressed with the Lady Barbara. Up until now I have had a terrible time trying to spin on a spindle, even though I am an accomplished spinner on spinning wheels.With every other spindle I've ever used (or tried to use), I had difficulty getting half-hitches to hold onto the hook (if there was a hook), couldn't get enough twist in the yarn, couldn't get a consistent yarn, and was constantly breaking the yarn and dropping the spindle. Eventually I would say, "Why waste time doing this when I could be turning out yards of good yarn on the wheel?"

What makes the difference with the Lady Barbara -- for me, at least -- is the special design of the hook. It holds the yarn securely every time, no half-hitches to worry about, no dropping the spindle, no breaking the yarn. It's incredible! Within minutes I was spinning a consistent, fine yarn, and producing enough that it didn't feel like a waste of time. For the first time I can see why so many people have enjoyed spinning on a spindle. It won't replace my spinning wheel, but I'm looking forward to many hours of spinning on the Lady Barbara.

Thanks again for recommending it.

Sharon N.

The note below is from the first customer to receive a Greensleeves Spindle. She got a 1.9 oz Greensleeves Spindle - took it on a trip with her and contacted me upon her return to cancel a backorder for another maker's spindle and order 2 more Greensleeves Spindles  in different weights - a 1 oz and a 1.4 oz Trifle. She also wants a .6 oz Trifle when I get more in. She said that the only spindles she wants to spin on are Greensleeves Spindles. She then told me "Why spin on a Volkswagon when you can spin on a Cadillac?" Her note after receiving the 2nd order is copied below.

Hello Lois,

Thanks for sending the Greensleeves Spindles. Again, as with the first one you sent, I am delighted at how wonderful they spin. The small one is great, even for cotton, and I think the 1.4 oz will be my favorite. The spindles are perfectly balanced and spin way past wind on time, can't imagine how she did it. The wood is beautiful, a pleasure to look at. 

Thanks again,  Inge

  Stasia's Comments on her New Pup Spindle-

It is INCREDIBLE! It is so well-made and well-balanced... spins forever because of the weight being at the rim. The wood is perfect - just what I wanted - love the graining!!! And the matching Butcher's Crown is ideal. :-)(Everyone should have one of those - I imagine it works on almost anyspindle?)

The spindle and shaft are the PERFECT size for me, because I can use themseated or standing. And it is such a "gentle" spinner... really effortless. That is one thing I *really* like about the spindle - it doesn't require a ton of energy to get it going!  Just a little twist, and it's off. I really, really like thatfor seated spinning. Elizabeth is a genius and her spindles rock!

Hope you don't get swamped with orders, but hope my posting will help others find out about these beauties! They are in my top TWO. The Pup might, just might, actually be my favorite, and I have about 35... I'm very impressed!

This may be my first Greensleeves, but it will NOT be my last! I'm thinking I'll eventually need a little Trifle as well...  I appreciate you and Elizabeth working with my specifications, and I also appreciate the catalog and fiber samples you sent. I just spun up some of the Alpine Meadows  fiber on the spindle and both were wonderful!

I can't stop looking at the spindle - it is so lovely, and so natural-looking. Fall is coming early here in Wisconsin, and this littleHound Pup is so fall-ish in appearance, it's completely appropriate to theseason. I just raved about it to the Spindlers and even had to call myhusband to tell him how neat it was.

Thank you so very much for all of your help! I really appreciate it!

Hugs, Stasia


Hiya Lois,

The wool is beautiful. The King's Sceptre is beautiful too. I learned spinning on a wheel so I'm new at spindling and I found that just by using the King's Sceptre a few times I've learned to be a lot more precise. Just like with wheels, some spindles let you be casual and a little sloppy--but the King's Sceptre requires more attention. Once you get it, it's so effortless!

So, would you send me a Tom Foolery? 

Thank you,


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What spindle(s) are you using? Greensleeves from Bountiful

>Did you learn anything new from the process? That this is the best

> medium-heavy spindle I have. I could spin from the upper story I think.

> Brucie

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