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How to Spin on your Louet Wheel

Practice treadling smoothly and slowly while reading a book, talking or watching TV, until your feet work automatically

Spinning: Twisting the wool fibers to make a single yarn. ]

Plying: Joining 2 or more yarns together.

3 speed bobbin for:

1. Thick/slow spinning. Use the largest groove on your bobbin

2. Medium/regular spinning. Use the middle groove on your bobbin

3. Thin/fast spinning/plying. Use the smallest groove on your bobbin

Start with a piece of yarn of 1 yard. Twist with your fingers a rough yarn out of the wool and knot it to the start-yarn (or join onto a commercial yarn).

For spinning singles the wheel turns to the right. Take the wool loose in your left hand (or whichever hand feels more comfortable to you). Pull a bit of wool out of your left hand with the fingers of your right hand in the direction of the orifice, so far as the thickness of the yarn. Then, while treadling slowly and still gripping the yarn, move your right hand back towards your left and allow the twist to develop. Then you can let it go through the orifice and it will be wound up on the bobbin.

Adapt the speed of foot and hand working.

To regulate the strength with which the yarn is pulled in.

The flyer hooks are placed irregularily on the bobbin to promote an evenly filled bobbin. You have to change the yarn occasionally to another hook.

Plying: It is easy to ply two threads to one thicker yarn if you place two full bobbins on the special bobbin holders.

Take care that the threads lie parallel in your hands before plying.


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