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3/2 Petite 10 Color Gamp for Rigid Heddle

3/2 Petite 10 Color Gamp for Rigid Heddle
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3/2 Petite 10 Color Gamp - Rigid Heddle - Tints - 53.95

3/2 Petite 10 Color Gamp - Rigid Heddle - Brights - 53.95

3/2 Petite 10 Color Gamp - Rigid Heddle- Tones - 53.95

Gamps are a brilliant way to explore color interactions. They will help you predict future color interactions and take the guesswork out of project planning. Use 10 colors of Tubular Spectrum™ 100% mercerized cotton yarn to create 2 square gamps (approximately 12.5” square) and a table runner or scarf (approximately 12.5” x 57”). The gamps will be a lifetime reference to help you predict color combinations and give you better control over your woven results in future projects. Each of the 10 cones included with this kit contains approximately 118 yards of yarn. Choose from either Tints, Brights or Tones colors. All available on 1.5 oz cones.

The Tint colors are: Butter Yellow, Tangerine, Coral, Verbena, Violet, Periwinkle, Sky Blue, Teal, Sea Green, and 5 Green Yellow.

The Bright colors are: 10 Yellow, 10 Yellow Red, 10 Red, 10 Red Purple, 10 Purple, 10 Purple Blue, 10 Blue, 10 Blue Green, 10 Green, and 10 Green Yellow.

The Tones colors are: Gold, Copper, Cranberry, 5 Red Purple, 5 Purple, 10 Purple Blue, Cobalt, Forest and Kelp.

Materials needed:
15 in. rigid Heddle Loom with a 10-dent rigid heddle
15 in. pick-up stick and stick or boat shuttle
Fray Check or a sewing machine and a needle and thread
Two 15” Dowels for display if desired
3/2 10-Color Petite Gamp Kit