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LeClerc 24 in. Voyageur Loom - 1200.00 and up

LeClerc 24 in.  Voyageur Loom - 1200.00 and up
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Code: DLC-Voy24
Price: $1,200.00
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Choose Shafts Desired:
Substitute Texsolv Heddles for inserted eye heddles:
Substitute Texsolv Heddles - no charge
Add Reed- Choose from Drop Down Below:
Add or Substitute Swinging Beater:
Substitute Swinging Beater for Standard Beater - no charge
Add Swinging Beater so you have both = 91.00
Add Adjustable Voyageur Stand:
Add Voyageur Stand - no side shelves = 420.00
Add Voyageur Stand with side shelves = 550.00
Choose to start Lever 1 for Harness 1 on Left or Right side:
Have lever 1 for harness 1 start on LEFT
Have lever 1 for harness 1 start on RIGHT side
Add 2nd Back Beam:
Add 2nd Back Beam = 365.00
Add Sectional Warp Beam:
Add Sectional Warp Beam - 365.00

LeClerc 24 inch Voyageur Loom. The Voyageur 24 inch models come with 12 dent stainless reed, 600 Inserted Eye Heddles. Available with 4, 8, 12, or 16 Shafts with front levers, Stainless Steel Reed, boat Shuttle, Reed and Heddle Hook, 2 Lease Sticks, 2 Beam Sticks, the newly designed Warp and Cloth Roll Lashing system, 1 Multibits Screwdriver, transfer Heddle Bars and the book "Warp & Weave" by Robert LeClerc. 4 Shaft weighs 25 lbs, 8 shaft 29 lbs, 12 Shaft 33 lbs, 16 shaft 39 lbs. Folds flat for travel. Partially assembled.