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Glimakra Swedish Boat Shuttles

Glimakra Swedish Boat Shuttles
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Choose Shuttle Size:
11.25 inch Swedish Boat Shuttle #6 uses 4" quills - 31.95
12 inch Swedish Boat Shuttle #16 w rollers - uses 4 inch quills - 37.95
15" Classic Swedish Boat Shuttle #15 uses 6 inch quills -43.95

You will eventually have more than one shuttle, since they come in different sizes and serve different purposes. A good boat shuttle to begin with would be one that holds a 4 or 5 inch quill. This size shuttle can be used for a variety of different threads and yarns and is a good size for weaving with cotton. If you want to weave with thicker yarns, such as for weaving blankets, then you can choose a shuttle that holds a 6 inch quill.
The smaller 11 to 13 inch long boat shuttles are the easiest to catch and throw. They are easy to hold and you will quickly learn to use them. If you weave wide fabrics, choose one which is a little longer, 11 to 15 inches long, as they will hold more yarn. Shuttles made to travel across a wide warp have rollers on the bottom.
Swedish shuttles are slender so they travel easily through even a small shed. And they have long ends which are easy to hold and give you a place to put your fingers when you throw the shuttle.
After you choose your boat shuttle, select the appropriate bobbins and/or quills and then a bobbin winder which is compatible. A thin spindle bobbin winder will wind both quills and bobbins. The thick spindle winder only winds bobbins.