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New Larger Potholder Pro Loom makes 8.25 in. cotton pot holders. Beautiful Designer Colors, Made in USA.

Potholder Pro Loom - Larger Size Loom - SALE 24.95

Potholder Pro Loom - Larger Size Loom - SALE 24.95
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New Larger Potholder Pro Potholder loom - MADE IN USA Retail is 30.00 - SALE 24.95 Potholder-PRO Frame Size: 10.25 in X 10.25 inMakes 8.25 in X 8.25 in Potholders Kit includes:
* Sturdy METAL Loom 10.25 in x 10.25 in.
* Enough cotton loops to make two 8.25 in multicolored potholders in 8 beautiful colors.
* 2 Hooks (one metal for loop weaving and one plastic for finishing)
* Illustrated instructions with lots of design ideas

Note: Video below shows the classic potholder loom which makes 2 potholders. This kit is for the larger Potholder Pro Loom and makes 2 potholders with loops included. Additional Loops can be ordered below..

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