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Schacht Heddle Hook - Long or Short. Schacht Brass Reed Hook.

Schacht Reed and Heddle Hooks

Schacht Reed and Heddle Hooks
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Schacht LONG or SHORT Heddle Hook - Heddle hooks are available in two blade lengths - Short for 4 shaft looms, blade is 4.5 in. long, or long for 8 shaft looms blade is 7.5 in. long. Use short hook for threading heddles on a harness loom.

Schacht Brass Reed Hook shown at top left in photo.
Code: SC-HH
Price: $7.95
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Brass Reed Hook - add .55 = 7.95 (top left in photo)
Schacht Short Heddle Hook (for 4 Shaft Looms) Add 4.00 = 11.95
Schacht Long Heddle Hook (for 8 Shaft Looms) Add 5.00 = 12.95
Cricket Rigid Heddle Hook - 7.95 (not pictured)