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Glimakra Swedish Wood Temples from 47.95

Glimakra Swedish Wood Temples from 47.95
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8 to 10 inch Temple - 47.95
10 to 13 inch Temple - 47.95
12 to 16 inch Temple - 51.95
14 to 19 inch Temple - 51.95
16 to 22 inch Temple - 55.95
20 to 31 inch Temple - 55.95
24 to 36 inch Temple - 59.95
28 to 43 inch Temple - 63.95
32 to 51 inch Temple - 76.95 Special Order
40 to 66 inch Temple - 89.95 special order

The sizes are made to work within a range of widths, the longer ones covering a longer range. The longer ones are also thicker and wider. Weavers generally purchase more than one temple, selecting the sizes which work with the weaving widths they usually use. Temples make weaving easier for all types of weaving. Glimakra temples are designed in wood for two reasons. First, the wooden temples will not scratch your loom. On Glimakra temples they are �inset� enough so that the teeth are not protruding to catch and scratch the loom and are less likely to prick your fingers. This is especially important for looms which have a shuttle race. And, importantly, the teeth of the Glimakra temples are thin and extremely sharp.