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Crocheting in Plain English - M. Righetti - SALE - 10.95 *Free Ship

Crocheting in Plain English - M. Righetti - SALE - 10.95  *Free Ship
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Crocheting in Plain English: Easy-to-follow lessons in patterns, Sensible solutions to nagging problems, The only book any crocheter will ever Need by Maggie Righetti. At last, crocheters without the benefit of a friendly instructor can find the help they need in Crocheting in Plain English. Even if you've never held a crochet hook before, Maggie Righetti's sound instructions and encouragement will help get you started. If you are an experienced crocheter, you'll find dozens of tips for perfecting your techniques. This comprehensive, common-sense guide covers virtually everything you need to know about crochet:
Selecting threads and yarns
Determining gauge
Working with the right tools
How to interpret patterns and instructions
Increasing and decreasing
How to fix mistakes
Basic stitches (chain, double, triple, slip)
Sixteen different fabric pattern stitches
Assembling the finished product
How to block, clean, and care for crocheted articles and much more
Each technique is illustrated with clear drawings, charts or photos. Complet with a detail glossary of crochet terms, Crocheting in Plain English is one sourcebook no crocheter should do without.