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Getting Started on a Drop Spindle by Maggie Casey - *FREE US Ship

Getting Started on a Drop Spindle by Maggie Casey - *FREE US Ship
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GETTING STARTED ON A DROP SPINDLE (DVD) Maggie Casey SRP: $19.95 SALE 14.95 - FREE US Shipping ISBN-13: 9781596684720 ISBN-10: 1596684720 Category: Spinning, DVD Publisher: Interweave Press Have you always wanted to spin but havent yet found someone with the patience and skill to teach you? You�re in luck�Maggie Casey is here to gently lead you by the hand into the wonderful world of spinning. Learn about the simplest way to spin yarn, with the drop spindle, and use it to start adding twist into your fiber and make the yarn of your dreams. With this workshop, Maggie: Provides a description of the spindle�s parts and styles of spindles as well as materials you need to get started. Teaches the park-and-draft technique, showing how to take control of the process of spinning and master drafting, twisting, and storing your yarn on the shaft of the spindle. Demonstrates how to spin continuously while standing up. Shows how to take the yarn off the spindle and twist two strands together in the opposite direction to create a plied yarn. Finishes with techniques for setting the twist, creating a skein, tying it, and washing it. Maggie will have you making your own yarn before you know it. Create great yarn for any of your knitting, crochet, and weaving projects. There is truly no limit to what you can accomplish with a drop spindle in your hands.