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Weaver's Choice Scarf Kit

Weaver's Choice Scarf Kit
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Weaver's Choice Scarf Kit by DJE Handwovens. Woven on 5 shafts with three blocks of Summer and Winter, by simply changing the treadling sequence, you can create new block patterns without touching the tie-up or threading! I couldn't decide which pattern was the favorite, so I'm leaving that up to you-Weaver's Choice! All five pattern treadlings are included in the kit. Tencel warp and Bamboo pattern weft yarns combine for wonderful drape and hand with just the right amount of shine. Black tencel with five pattern weft choices available: Black/White, Black/Blue, Black/Purple, Black/Green, and Black/Rust.
Woven at 16 epi threaded 2 per dent in an 8 dent reed. Weft is 5/2 Cotton (not doubled).Warp is pre-wound.

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