STRAUCH Drum Carder Features and Benefits

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General Features and Benefits of all Strauch Chain Drive Wood Frame Carders

Chain drive Non-slipping, durable (lifetime guarantee against breakage), never has to be replaced, NO GREASE NEEDED-EVER

Solid hardwood frame Durable, attractive

Slicker-Licker(unique to Strauch Carders) Transfer of fiber to main drum evenly and quickly without damaging the fiber. Minimal fiber build-up on lickerin drum.

Extra fine card cloth Cards ALL fibers. No need to change drums.

Galvanized metal feed tray Tapered design with high sides for easy feeding of fiber.

Bronze bearings Easy turning of drum. Never needs lubrication.

Aluminum bearing blocks Stable, won't slip, warp or crack like wood or plastic.

Upgradeable: Your Strauch carder never becomes obsolete!

Modular construction: All parts are interchangeable and replaceable.

Lifetime Warranty Labor is always free.

Optional Brush attachment Produces fuller, loftier batts. Prevents fiber "fly-away".

In addition to the above, here are additional Features and Benefits

Unique to the "Finest" Chain Drive Wood Frame Carder

Feature Benefits

5:1 gear ratio For high quality fiber blending.

Powder coated drum handle Retains it's beauty and will not stain.

6" high frame Handle swings clear of table.

Carder does not have to be at table's edge.

Built in end frame hand cutouts Easy transporting of the carder.

Furniture quality construction Eye appealing.

All accessories included Easy one time purchase.


Unique to the Belt-drive Petite Carder

Feature Benefits

Small size and price For those with space and cost considerations.

Available in kit form For the "do-it-yourself" market.

Feed tray slides under carder Compact, minimal storage space needed

Light weight and Portable

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