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Ashford Traditional Single Drive or Double Drive Spinning Wheel with free shipping in 48 contiguous states and Gift Certificate

Ashford Traditional Single or Double Drive Spinning Wheel 615.00 and up

Ashford Traditional Single or Double Drive Spinning Wheel 615.00 and up

    Ashford Traditional Single or Double Drive Spinning Wheel - * 45.00 gift cert. + *FREE US Shipping.

    Start your creative spinning journey with this popular wheel.

    Why is the Ashford Traditional Wheel the most popular wheel in the world? The Ashford Single Drive Traditional wheel’s separate drive band and bobbin brake adjustment is easy to understand and simple to operate. The bobbins are quick and easy to change. Scotch tension and 4 speed flyer allow for a wide variety of yarn to be spun. Horizontal adjustment of the maiden bar allows perfect alignment with the 4 speed whorl.

    The Ashford Traditional spinning wheel is also available with the double drive belt system. The double drive produces a fine, firm-twist yarn particularly suited for fine wools and exotic fibers. One adjustment controls both drive band and bobbin take-up. Easily converted to Scotch tension with the option attached to the wheel.

    Ball bearings and the large 22 inch wheel makes treadling smooth and effortless and easy to maintain a steady speed. The wide legs give good stability especially when speed spinning. The treadle is pivoted to allow a comfortable heel-toe action.

    Included Accessories: 4 bobbins, Ashford Vertical Lazy Kate, Ashford metal threading hook, complete assembly instructions, Learn to Spin on Your Ashford Wheel booklet, plus a copy of the Ashford Newsletter entitled The Wheel as well as our instructions for finishing your wheel if an unfinished wheel is chosen.

    Ashford Wheels are made of New Zealand Silver Beech which is sourced from a sustainably-managed mill (Forestry Stewardship Council approved) in Southland, New Zealand and is naturally air-dried for up to twelve months before kiln drying. Available unassembled and either unfinished or with a clear lacquer finish.

    WHEEL DIAMETER: 22 inches

    ORIFICE: 3/8 inch

    BOBBIN CAPACITY: approx. 3-4oz

    RATIOS: Single Drive = 7.5, 10.1:1, & 14:1 in bobbin lead

    Ratios: Double Drive = 7.5, 10, (14 bobbin lead)

    WEIGHT: approx. 17.5lb

    Mstrong>With this wheel, you will receive a 45.00 Bountiful Gift Certificate good towards accessories, Books, Fibers, DVD's good on your next order.

    We also include a copy of our Bountiful Spinner's Catalog with small spin-able samples of some of our beautiful Fibers and our instructions for finishing your wheel if you purchase and unfinished wheel.

    FREE SHIPPING from Bountiful in the 48 contiguous states.

    Optional Accessories which can be purchased separately: Double Treadle Kit, Lace Flyer Kit, Basic Jumbo Flyer Unit, Complete Jumbo Flyer Unit, Double Drive Flyer Unit, Quill Spindle, Flax Distaff. See Related Items Below.

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