Interesting project woven on the Cricket Loom by Diana, aka chewiedox

Cricket-Project-by-Diana-smClick on photo at left to view full size.
One of our customers, Diana, just ordered a Schacht Cricket loom, Variable dent reed and Cricket Bag so she could take it with her and weave anywhere, especially her local coffee shop.

One of the perks of being in the Spinning and Weaving business is the wonderful people I get to talk to everyday. I always enjoy hearing what they are doing. Diana is a very creative person so I couldn’t wait to see what she wove on her new portable loom. She just sent me a photo of her first project on the Cricket loom. It is so interesting, I had to ask if I could share it on our blog. Diana kindly shared how she made the larger pieces that she inserted into her weaving.

Weaving by chewiedox: The inlay sections are felted pieces that I made. I used ArtFelt paper and lightly needle felted everything to it, moistened it and ran it through the clothes dryer, then peeled the paper backing off. I used intact locks, sari silk fibers, noils, and bits of yarn. I just grabbed a selection and did the felting while I was at Starbucks.

Click on photo at left to view full size.

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