Interesting project woven on the Cricket Loom by Diana, aka chewiedox

Cricket-Project-by-Diana-smClick on photo at left to view full size.
One of our customers, Diana, just ordered a Schacht Cricket loom, Variable dent reed and Cricket Bag so she could take it with her and weave anywhere, especially her local coffee shop.

One of the perks of being in the Spinning and Weaving business is the wonderful people I get to talk to everyday. I always enjoy hearing what they are doing. Diana is a very creative person so I couldn’t wait to see what she wove on her new portable loom. She just sent me a photo of her first project on the Cricket loom. It is so interesting, I had to ask if I could share it on our blog. Diana kindly shared how she made the larger pieces that she inserted into her weaving.

Weaving by chewiedox: The inlay sections are felted pieces that I made. I used ArtFelt paper and lightly needle felted everything to it, moistened it and ran it through the clothes dryer, then peeled the paper backing off. I used intact locks, sari silk fibers, noils, and bits of yarn. I just grabbed a selection and did the felting while I was at Starbucks.

Click on photo at left to view full size.

sea meets sky scarf pattern or kit

Sea Meets Sky Scarf Pattern by new weaver Jane Tigar

Sea Meets Sky Scarf Pattern for Rigid Heddle designed and woven by Jane Tigar, a brand new weaver! Jane fell in love with weaving while making a small perle cotton table runner during 4 – 2 hour backstrap weaving sessions. She decided to get a Rigid Heddle Loom. Jane called and we talked about what she wanted to weave and we compared the features of the Schacht Cricket Loom and the Schacht Flip Loom. Based on what and where she wanted to weave, she decided upon the Schacht 15 inch Cricket loom. We sent it right out to her along with some of our soft sparkly wool Alpine Meadow Yarns and some Nature Spun Worsted Yarns. Like most of us, she also has a stash of knitting yarns.

She emailed me a photo of her first scarf a couple of days after she got her Cricket Loom. Then photos of her next 3 scarves quickly followed. I was impressed with her eye for color, her creativity and her enthusiasm for the craft of weaving. She named her scarf Sea meets Sky because of the soft blues and greens in the Alpine Meadow Yarns she wove it with. Jane’s pattern is available to print here Sea Meets Sky Scarf Pattern by Jane Tigar.
She did some research on the name she gave her scarf and found something similar in the history of Pamlico County, North Carolina where she lives. Pamlico County was first settled by the Europeans in the early 1700’s. The Pampticoe, a Native American people who lived in what is now called Pamlico County called the area TaTaku which means where the land and the sea meet the sky. The Pamlico County slogan is: Where the land and the sea meet sky.

Schacht 15 inch Cricket Loom

Weave up holiday gifts on a Cricket or Flip Loom

Schacht 10 inch Cricket Loom
10 inch Cricket Loom

The Schacht Cricket Loom is featured in the 2013 December Holiday Guide of Martha Stewart Living! The  Cricket Loom is a simple rigid heddle loom that is affordable and portable, and makes weaving easy. A great loom for new and experienced weavers of all ages. We have both the Cricket and Flip Looms in stock and on SALE. We also have reeds, new Variable Dent Reeds, Stands, pick up sticks, shuttles and many other items on SALE. Make this holiday season a weaving one by getting started with the Cricket or Flip Loom.

My Schacht Baby Wolf Loom is a delight to weave on!

How do you make time to weave?

I am pleased to report that I recently found a way to make time to weave more.  I have been weaving some scarves and small projects on my Flip Loom and Cricket Loom since I taught my Granddaughter to weave in 2009. I love the quick, easy warping process and the portability of Rigid Heddle Looms. I have a stand for both looms and I sometimes take them out on the deck to weave. The Weaver’s Idea Book by Jane Patrick gave me a whole new appreciation of the rigid heddle looms capability.  Jane’s book is a treasure trove of patterns and ideas. Her Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom DVD is very informative and helpful too.

However, I was not weaving on my beautiful Cherry Baby Wolf loom and I do love to weave on her. In our previous home, my Baby Wolf loom was in a corner of the dining room. It was so convenient to sit down and weave a few minutes while waiting for something to finish cooking. In our present home, my Baby Wolf Loom is in our bedroom. Now, the only time I have to weave is at night. It seemed too dark to weave even if I brought a floor lamp over to the loom. 

All this changed when we took our first trip to IKEA in Denver earlier this year. I stumbled upon a lamp that had the round post to fit into the lamp holder of my high castle tray! I purchased an LED  bulb for it and now I can see what I am weaving even at night!!! It was such a little thing that kept me away from my loom. I did not think I could find time to weave, so I had just not taken the time to search for that type of lamp.

Now, I look forward to shutting my computer down around 8 pm and weaving. I remember hearing from my friends in the Estes Park Weaving Guild that you should have your next warp planned and wound before you take your project off the loom. That way you will always have something on your loom. I now have my next 2 projects wound and waiting and so very many more projects in my head.

I am finding time  to do some Spinning and I will be posting about the fibers I spin as well as about wheels and spinning tools and tips.

I always say, if you just listen, you can learn something every day. And I do learn things every day from my customers. I want to give my customers a chance to share their Weaving, Spinning and Knitting Knowledge so I will be posting questions. I also really, really want to see what my customers are Weaving, Spinning and Knitting.

I will be posting about Weaving and Spinning and updating you on new items, special offers and sales. A big bonus for me will be that having a blog will inspire me to find time to weave and spin! I hope you are able to make some time for Weaving and Spinning too.