Schacht Cherry Matchless Wheel

Schacht Limited Edition Cherry Matchless Wheels

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We are pleased to announce that Schacht will be producing a limited number of their beautiful Cherry Schacht Matchless Double Treadle Wheels. Bountiful will start receiving them in Mid-October and on thru the end of 2014. Contact us if you would like to reserve one of these beautiful wheels.
Photo shows me happily spinning on my first Schacht Cherry Matchless Wheel. It is a delightful, beautiful, responsive wheel. I liked it so much that I got a second one. I now have one of my Cherry Matchless wheels upstairs and the other one downstairs. I also got the Cherry Bulky Flyer package for it and was thrilled with how easy the Matchless Wheel treadles with the bulky flyer on it and with how much yarn I can get on the large bulky flyer bobbin. Spinners and Weavers appreciate the way Schacht thoughtfully designs their equipment.

7 thoughts on “Schacht Limited Edition Cherry Matchless Wheels

  1. 1/19/16

    Do you have any cherry Matchless wheels available, and if so, how much are they? What are the shipping costs?

    1. Kathy, I don’t have any now. I do have the Maple Matchless wheels in stock as well as the Ladybug and Sidekick wheels. It has been quite a while since the last Cherry Matchless wheels were shipped out from Schacht. Schacht is working on their NEW Flatiron Spinning Wheel which should be available fairly soon. I posted details on my website and on my blog yesterday.

  2. Have you heard anything about the 2013 cherry special edition matchless? I have a jane to get one for $1400 – fair?

    1. Hello, The 2015 Cherry Matchless was 1,550.00 retail pricing. I don’t know what the current pricing is for the 2013 models. It would depend on condition and other details. I have the Maple Matchless wheels in stock and on sale. There is also going to be a new Schacht Wheel called the Flatiron Wheel. I am hoping it will be ready in the fall. Happy Spinning!
      Lois at Bountiful

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