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Ashford Kiwi finished or unfinished Spinning Wheel with free shipping and Gift Certificate

Ashford Kiwi-2 Double Treadle Wheel 479.00 and up

Ashford Kiwi-2 Double Treadle Wheel 479.00 and up
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NEW Ashford Kiwi-3 Spinning Wheel w/ 20.00 gift certificate + *Free US shipping

In my opinion, this is a good, affordable, entry level spinning wheel that will last you for many years to come.

The Ashford Kiwi Spinning Wheel is an excellent beginner wheel due to its easy learning ratios, double treadle and affordable price. The double treadle and ball bearings allow for easy treadling and hands-free start. Treadles are hinged to allow a comfortable heel-toe action. The stretchy drive cord does not require any adjustment as you change from one ratio to another and always maintains the correct tension. The scotch tension allows easy control of the drafting process. The central flyer is convenient for right and left-handed spinners. The wheel is easy and quick to assemble with the Allen key supplied and the robust construction makes this an ideal wheel for individuals, schools and clubs.

If you're learning or teaching, the Kiwi is the right wheel for you. The double treadle makes spinning more comfortable, it also makes it easier to stop and start.

An added bonus for beginners is the super low price.

New and improved with 6 Spoke wheel, new design Polyurethane hinges, new design Polyurethane conrod joints, wider spaced treadle boards, easy bolt and barrel nut assembly, now includes Sliding Hook Flyer, snap fit front bearing, and new nylon universal joint.

Included Accessories: new sliding hook flyer, 3 large 3.5 inch bobbins, Built-in Lazy Kate to hold 2 bobbins, Ashford metal threading hook, complete assembly instructions, Learn to Spin on Your Ashford Wheel booklet, plus a copy of the Ashford Newsletter entitled The Wheel as well as our instructions for finishing your wheel if you purchase an unfinished wheel.

We also include a copy of our Bountiful Spinner's Catalog with small spinnable samples of our beautiful Fibers.

WHEEL DIAMETER: 17.5 inches

ORIFICE: 3/8 inch

BOBBIN CAPACITY: approx. 3 - 4oz

RATIOS: 5.5, 7.25:1

WEIGHT: approx. 12 lb

FREE SHIPPING from Bountiful in the 48 contiguous states. + 20.00 Bountiful Gift Certificate with Ashford Kiwi wheels.

The wheel itself is made of MDF, a high-density durable wood product that can be painted or decorated with a New Zealand Silver Beech frame. The Kiwi Wheel is now supplied with ball bearings for smooth easy treadling. Wheel is available unfinished or with lacquer finish and is unassembled.

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES can be purchased separately. See related items below.

Price: $479.00
Shipping Weight: 17.00 pounds
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Kiwi Unfinished - 450.00
Kiwi 2 -Finished -Add 135.00 = 585.00