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Ashford 90th Anniversary Elizabeth Spinning Wheel

Ashford 90th Anniversary Elizabeth Spinning Wheel
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Ashford is making a special production run of their 30” Elizabeth 30″ spinning wheels to celebrate Ashford’s 90th Anniversary!
They will come with a plaque on the wheel and a certificate of authenticity. The Elizabeth 30″ is Ashford’s premium, super smooth, luxury wheel – a truly magnificent wheel to spin on. Order by May 30th to be sure to get one of these special wheels.
• Classic Saxony style made in beautiful beech hardwood with a smooth lacquer finish.
• Huge 76cm (30”) wheel mounted on ball bearings (this wheel just won’t stop turning).
• Double drive and scotch tension
. • Adjustable maiden bar for perfect alignment and tension.
• Fast ratios.
• Incredibly smooth effortless treadling.
Assembly: Assembly required
Bobbin capacity: Standard bobbin 100g (3-4oz)
Bobbins included: 4 Double drive bobbins
Double drive ratios: 10.5, 13.5, 18, 22 (bobbin lead)
Orifice: 3/8 inch
Orifice height: 27¼"
Other accessories included:
Learn to Spin booklet, Tensioned lazy kate, Wooden threading hook, Oil Bottle
Weighs 25 lbs