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Beautiful, affordable Leclerc 36", 45" or 60" Nilus II looms from Bountiful: your wheel and specialists since 1988. prompt service, friendly knowledgeable advice

LeClerc 36 inch Nilus II Loom - 3,416.00 and up

LeClerc 36 inch Nilus II Loom - 3,416.00 and up
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Code: DLC-NII-36
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LECLERC NILUS II 36 inch Weaving Width. Finished and Unassembled. JACK TYPE, Countermarche, Counterbalance OR JACK TYPE W/ BACK HINGE TREADLES. The Nilus II (4 shafts) is available in three versions and folds to a depth of 27 inches. The Nilus II loom has been designed with a stabilizer foot for better stability. The shed is always good with any combination of tie-ups. On the jack-type version, the top can be easily removed, allowing easy access to the shafts for the addition or removal of heddles. Heddles used are 12" long. It is a loom with independent shafts, guided into slides at each end, preventing friction of shaft frames which are pushed upwards by an underneath mechanism. The counter-balanced version is built with an integrated shed regulator, so it is possible to weave any kind of material.All Nilus II looms have non-sliding polyvinyl foot pads at the base, keeping it solid on the floor.It is equipped with a friction brake giving a perfect tension every time. The front cloth beam , front and back breast beams are removable for easy threading, and the warp beam is also removable for outside beaming when required.All looms are equipped with a regular plain beam to which a set of rake-like pieces can be added to convert it into a sectional warp beam. Special kits have been designed to convert the loom from one system to the other. (counter-balance to jack-type or countermarch and jack-type to counter-balance or countermarch). You can convert the regular 4 shaft jack-type into an 8 shaft jack-type loom with the 4 extra shafts kit but if you plan to do so it is be better to buy our 4 shaft now - 4 more later model. This four now- four later model already has the wide castle and castle top so you can buy our kit of 4 shafts and 4 treadles when desired.
Comes with Steel reed, 12 dents/inch,12 in. wire heddles, 1 boat shuttle, 1 dz. Plastic bobbins, 1 reed & heddle hook, 2 metal lease sticks, 2 beam sticks w/ cords, 2 metal warp rods, Assembly Instructions and Video, & the book Warp and Weave.