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Louet Delta 8 or 12 Shaft 43 or 51 in. Looms w/ FREE BENCH

Louet Delta 8 or 12 Shaft 43 or 51 in.  Looms w/ FREE BENCH
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    Louet Delta 8 Shaft 43.3 in Loom w Free Bench - 8770.00
    Louet Delta 12 Shaft 43.3 in. Loom - w Free Bench -Add 1,429.00 = 10,199.00
    Louet Delta 8 shaft 51 in. Loom w Free Bench - Add 688.00 = 9,458.00
    Louet Delta 12 Shaft 51 in. Loom -W Free Bench - Add 2,155.00 = 10,925.00
    Choose from Drop Down to Add pair of Treadles:
    Choose Free Gift from Bountiful:
    Free 3 Reeds
    2 Free Reeds + Pair Treadles for 8 shaft looms
    Free Reed w 2 pairs Treadles for 8 Shaft loom
    Free Louet Vertical Warping Mill

    FREE Bench w Delta Looms from Louet, Free Gift from Bountiful. *Free Shipping.The Delta's treadles are hinged from the back allowing for a very light treadling action. The DELTA is easily recognizable as the head of the LOUET line of Floor looms. The Louet Delta loom is comfortable, robust and technologically advanced, but above all a weaver's loom. Warp tension can be adjusted by fine increments. The floating breast beam insures tension is returned to exactly the same tension as you had before you advanced the cloth. Tie ups are easy. All treadles work the same way across the full width of the loom because of the parallel system. Also, all lams are horizontal which makes changing tie-ups quick and easy. For individual comfort, blocks are available to adjust treadle height. Harnesses are adjustable to allow you to create slack in the heddles for easier threading and tighten them for weaving. The brake system on the DELTA is a friction brake system on the warp beam, which is sturdy and easy to operate. A convenient advancing system is provided on the cloth beam. The DELTA is made of plantation grown ASH and is finished with a double coat of clear semi-gloss lacquer.
    The Louet Delta loom features a modern parallel countermarche system, floating breast beam, Swedish texsolv heddles and texsolv tie up cords, built in castle shelf, built in raddle, cloth guard built into the breast beam, rear hinged treadles.
    Comes with 12 shafts, older 8 shaft looms can be expanded to 12 shafts with the optional 4 shaft extension.
    Delta is made of lacquered ash and comes with the castle section assembled. The loom is equipped with a built-in raddle, a shelf for storage, a stainless steel 10 dent reed, 1200/1400 Texsolv heddles (330 mm), tie-up and lease sticks and sixteen warp sticks Shipping information: The castle section comes pre-assembled in one box with the remaining warp beams, treadles, cloth guard, cloth beam, etc. coming in several separate boxes. Assembly of these pieces is required Dimensions (w x d x h) Delta 110: 43.3 inch weaving width = 55 x 39 3/8 x 50 3/8 inches Delta 130: 51 inch weaving width = 63 x 39 3/8 x 50 3/8 inches Weight Delta 110: 194 lb Delta 130: 205 lb

    Optional Accessories for purchase separately:
    - Extension set of four harnesses and four treadles for 8 shafts to 12 shafts
    - Pair of treadles
    - Adjustable bench - 23 1/4" - 28 3/8" height
    - Second warp beam with back beam
    - Sectional warp beam
    - Flying Dutchman shuttle
    - Fly shuttle device
    - Treadle height adjusting blocks
    There is a 12 to 16 week wait time for Louet Delta Looms - contact us to reserve one with no down payment.