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Majacraft E-System flyer with e-hook which has a ceramic insert from bountiful

Majacraft E-System flyer with E-hook

Majacraft E-System flyer with E-hook
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IN STOCK at Bountiful The Majacraft E-System Flyer with E-hooks is designed for the advanced spinner, especially those dealing with very fine fiber or very abrasive wool or greasy wools that wear normal hooks. All surfaces that come in contact with the fiber are lined with ceramic inserts. Together these make up our E-System but the components can be used individually.The flyer hook is fitted with a ceramic insert and becomes a smooth wear free guide for the wool passing through it. Please specify whether you would like the 6 mm or the 10 mm hook. The heart of the flyer has a ceramic insert at each end of the brass orifice. These guide the fiber through the orifice but hold it clear of the sides. The result is a very smooth flow with no dragging action or tension as the fiber passes through. This is perfect for the fine fiber or lace spinners. The flyer is also balanced for vibration free spinning at high speeds. Both E-hooks and E-flyers can be used in conjunction with your normal flyer or hooks i.e. an E-hook can be fitted to any Majacraft flyer or an E-flyer can be fitted with conventional sliding flyer hooks of any size. Includes the E-System Flyer and the E-System Hook.There is a ceramic guide all the way thru the orifice, pn the yarn guide and on the sliding hook.

Majacraft has designed flyers for every purpose we could think of. From lace to regular to bulky spinning, you are sure to find just what you need. Our flyers are universal and will fit on all Majacraft wheels.

Much of our innovation is in our flyers. Ceramic guides in our lace, fine and Wild Flyers are super hard wearing and the low friction coefficient makes the yarn slide effortlessly. We use hard wearing stainless steel yarn guides and fibre glass flyer arms. The lightweight and scratch resistant flyer arms are easier to spin with than ever before. All of our flyers are balanced by hand to ensure they provide smooth and vibration free operation.