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Ashford Traveller 3 Single Drive Spinning Wheel with 45.00 Gift Certificate + *Free US shipping

Ashford Traveller 3 Spinning Wheel - 744.95 and up w Gift - *Free ship

Ashford Traveller 3 Spinning Wheel - 744.95 and up w Gift - *Free ship
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Ashford Niddy Noddy 5' + Ashford Canvas Tote Bag
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IN STOCK! Ashford Traveller 3 Single or Double Drive Spinning Wheel w/ Gift *Free US Shipping! In my opinion, the Ashford Traveller wheel is a good and economical choice for a new or experienced spinner. It is an attractive and capable wheel that will last you for years and years.

Ashford has made the perfect Traveller 3 Spinning wheel with all the features one could ask for included! It is a beautiful Wheel! Great for beginning spinners as well as experienced spinners.
Ashford Traveller 3 features:
• A beautiful, classic upright castle wheel.
• Aesthetically designed centralized flyer location suitable for both left- and right-hand spinners.
• Four speed single drive flyer with stretchy polycord drive band eliminates any flyer vibration and makes changing ratios a breeze.
• Ratios 5, 7, 9 and 14:1
• Sliding hook flyer with three 90mm large capacity bobbins as standard.
• Wooden handle threading hook with longer hook for easier threading.
• Convenient storage for threading hook.
• Scotch tension for simple, smooth accurate tension adjustment.
• Built-in lazy kate (that will also accommodate Jumbo bobbins).
• The 46cm (18”) drive wheel is now heavier resulting in 20% more momentum which means even less effort required to treadle.
• Stainless steel ball bearings, polyurethane hinge and con rod joints, and double treadle for comfortable, balanced, and effortless treadling.
• Quick and easy to assemble.
• Compact footprint.

Optional accessories – Basic Jumbo Flyer, Sliding Hook Flyer Jumbo, Standard Flyer (wooden with hooks), Quill Spindle.

Optional Accessories which can be purchased separately are: Lace Flyer Kit, Basic Jumbo Flyer Unit, Complete Jumbo Flyer Unit, Double Drive Flyer

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