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Majacraft slow speed kit from Bountiful

Majacraft Slow Speed Whorl

Majacraft Slow Speed Whorl
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Majacraft's slow speed whorl is designed to interchange with standard ratios. This extra whorl and allen key allow the spinner to slacken the existing whorl and replace it with the different ratio. The ratios may vary slightly because of the individual nature of each wheel. This is a listing of the range of ratios available with each whorl on each model. Slow speed whorl has 5 ratios. Listed below are the slowest and fastest ratios obtainable with the slow whorl on each wheel. NOTE: Photo above shows all 3 whorls possible...slow whorl is the largest one shown. Lo Speed Kit GEM 3.2:1 - 11.5:1 SUZIE 3.25:1 - 12.0 - 1 ROSE both regular and slow speed whorl come with the Rose MILLIE 3.5:1 - 12.5.:1 Usually in stock