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Schacht Maple Baby Wolf Looms - Sale - *Free shipping.

Bench Deal - 375.00! *Free Shipping.

Wolf Loom Accessories

Schacht Baby Wolf Loom - SALE - 2175.00 and up with *Free Shipping

Schacht Baby Wolf Loom - SALE - 2175.00 and up with *Free Shipping
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6 Dent Reed with Loom
8 Dent Reed with Loom
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Bench Deal w Loom - Retail 488.00 - SALE 375.00:
Bench Deal w Loom - Retail 488.00 - SALE 375.00
Add Stroller:
Add Baby Wolf Stroller - 157.95
Add Stroller to Baby Wolf w Ht. Extndrs - 157.95
Add Baby Wolf Trap:
Add Baby Wolf Trap -SALE 72.00
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Add High Castle Tray to Baby Wolf Loom:
Add High Castle Tray to 8 Shaft Baby Wolf Loom - 224.95
Add High Castle Tray to 4 Shaft Loom - 204.95
Add Schacht Sectional Beam:
Add 26" Baby Wolf Sectional Beam - 174.95
Add Baby Wolf Raddle:
Add Baby Wolf Raddle - 144.95

Bench Deal w loom - 375.00! BIG SALE! In my opinion, the Schacht Baby Wolf loom is without equal. When weaving on mine, I feel like I am on a floor loom. The adjustable brake tension is a great feature. The optional stroller makes it easy to roll from room to room or out onto the deck. I really appreciate the thoughtful design of this loom! Schacht's Baby Wolf loom is the most uncompromising small loom available today. It has all the advantages of portability while maintaining the best big loom features. If compactness and portability are what you are looking for, you will be interested in this thoughtfully engineered loom.

The weaving width of the Baby Wolf is 26 inches. You have your choice of four or eight shafts, or you can choose the Four Now-Four Later* model which allows you to expand from four shafts to eight shafts at any time. The X-frame design is exceptionally stable and can be easily folded to a depth of 18 inches.

The adjustable beater allows the position of the shuttle race to be raised or lowered if necessary. The Baby Wolf employs a friction brake on the warp beam which lets you advance the warp smoothly. Baby and Mighty Wolf Looms come standard with steel hub friction brake, brake release foot pedal, aluminum harness channels, and an attached beater pin.

Baby Wolf Looms are shipped with stainless steel reed in your choice of 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 or 20 dents per inch, inserted eye heddles (400 w/ 4 shaft loom / 800 w/ 8 shaft or 4Now-4Later Looms), tie-ups, three lease sticks, 2 apron bars, a brass reed hook, and a loom maintenance manual. Wolf looms are made of hard maple, finely sanded and finished with a hand rubbed Danish oil. They come fully assembled. You need only to slide your loom out of the box, unfold it, and put on the apron bars, tie-up cords, reed, heddles and brake knob.

*Four Now - Four Later (4N4L) is an eight harness loom shipped with only four harnesses installed, but with the capacity to purchase and add an additional four harnesses at a later time.
* Looms marked Free shipping applies to areas where normal freight delivery is possible.
View Schacht Baby Wolf Loom Assembly Manual

View Video tutorial: Jane Patrick shows how to assemble your Schacht Baby Wolf Loom